TrashMobs !

To Do tasks for the map (see below for How It Works info)

1. get some good looking map icons to replace these place-holders
2. coordinate style (colors, icons, etc) with the main site

and here's the big one,

3. figure out how to get required data into the site, given that browsers are now *too* secure. Three types of data:
   a. Town & schedule data, which isn't updated very often, once schedule is set
   b. cylcometer data, updated very frequently
   c. picture information (currently engineered for Flikr) which is updated somewhat frequently

How it works:

1. Towns locations are mapped from the town data, which also includes arrival and departure dates.
   a. If a town or location has already been visited, it will be mapped with the green flag, the green foot in this example
   b. if a town is yet to be visited, it is mapped with the red foot.
   c. the location currently being visited is mapped with a flag, green if the mob is at that ocation, red if the mob will soon reach that location and has left the previous location

2. the path is mapped from the cyclo data; the path can be any color and thickness of line
3. the Current Loc button re-centers the map at the current flag location
4. the Photos button shows the markers for the photos that can be viewd; photo info is pulled from a special set of photos on Flikr
5. clicking a town marker pulls up info taken from the Towns data; see the marker for the Red Rocks stage area.
6. clicking a photo marker shows that photo
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